Get the free rules of roulette and slot machine games facts!

rouletteToday so called luck dependent games are very popular among the gamblers. They prefer to play them because it doesn’t take much time to think, count and create strategies. Moreover usually they have simple rules – so one doesn’t have to sit for hours and even days to grasp the ABC of the games. Now we offer you to learn the roulette bonuses provided at various casinos online.

French Roulette

Many people prefer to play the French roulette as it seems to be more advantageous for the gambler. The rules of roulette in this case are the similar to those of the European one. Why is it so popular? First of all roulette bonus is usually very high. It simply gives the gamblers the best chance of winning if comparing it with other types of roulette. The advantage of the casino is only 2.63% while the American roulette gives the casino about 5%. What are the particular features of the French roulette? It also has 37 cells, a rotating wheel, a ball and a game zone. In fact the main difference is only the language. Thus, if you want to play French roulette you are to know the terms.

  • Straight up – when the gambler bets on the one number – En plein (the proportion is 35 to 1)
  • Split Bet – when the gambler bets on 2 numbers – Cheval (the proportion is 17 to 1)
  • Street Bet – when the gambler bets on 3 numbers – Transversale ( the proportion is 11 to 1)
  • Corner – betting for 4 numbers – Carre (the proportion is 8 to 1)
  • Line Bet – betting for 6 numbers – Sixainne (the proportion is 5 to 1)
  • Column -12 numbers Colonne (2:1)
  • Red or Black – the bets made on black or red – Rouge – Noir (1:1)
  • Even or Odd – betting on even or odd numbers – Pair – Impair (1:1)

Slots machine games

Slots are also very popular and take the same place as roulette in the gambling rating. There is neither slot machine strategy – just luck. Why is it so popular? Once again it attracts the gamblers by its luxurious light and sound effects that turn the process of gambling into a posh party, then come the convenience of usage, interesting algorithms and the methods of enticing.

Today there are lots of slot machines. Thus there are some classifications according to which the slots can be divided:

  • by the type of the gambling Sensor: mechanical, electromechanical and electronic ;
  • by the game displaying: direct (tape, drum), screen, etc.
  • by the types of the audience: casinos, halls, “street”, Internet
  • by the types of payment: direct payments, payment in cash (operator)
  • by the level of the game complicity: elementary (clear rules of the game without explanation), complicated, complex (with bonus games, jackpot, etc.),
  • by the groups of the games: slots, poker, roulette , others.